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Gasmet Technologies is a high-technology company that develops and manufactures the Gasmet™ line of FTIR multi-gas analyzers. The first generation of Gasmet™ gas analyzers were launched to the market in 1993 and since then the success has continued with a stream of new and innovative products, including the unique Gasmet™ In Situ for emissions monitoring projects and the new generation DX-4030, the world’s first truly portable FTIR Gas Analyzers. The recently released DX-4040 with enhanced features offers unmatched capabilities where identifying unknown toxic gas rapidly is critical at hazardous sites. The DX-4040 analyzer is an ideal portable analyzer for the measurement of chemical warfare agents (CWAs) and toxic industrial chemicals (TICs) in HAZMAT and first responders applications. It also offers unique capabilities in applications such as industrial hygiene, hospital gas monitoring, fumigant monitoring of containers or soil gas measurements.