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Preferred Batteries specializes in supplying high quality, affordable two-way radio batteries to various public safety offices throughout the country. All of our rechargeable Nicad and NIMH radio batteries are assembled with high quality Panasonic Japanese cells. We also carry various other kinds of batteries & accessories including:* Flashlight batteries* Pager batteries* AED (Defibrillator)batteries *Sealed lead acid batteries * Laptop batteries* UPS backup batteries* Emergency exit light & alarm batteries* Digital camera batteries* Lapel microphones* Chargers and battery analyzers/conditioners for 2 way radios* Battery eliminators for 2 way radios* Non rechargeable batteries - alkaline & lithium (AA, AAA, C, D, 9 volts)We specialize in providing the first responders with their communication batteries and accessories they need to do their job - "Power When You Need It"! We can service all of your needs for both large and small quantity orders, so feel free to contact us to get discount pricing for larger quantities. We also have an on-line shopping website that has over 950,000 cross references for batteries & accessories on it!