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The RollNRack Hose Management System

The firefighter-designed Power Roller is a battery operated fire hose roller that self propels down the length of the hose line. One firefighter can drain & roll a 100’ length of 5” LDH in under thirty seconds. This unit is for all hose as coupling jaws are quickly swapped out by removing two pins without tools. Longer lengths of up to 7” hose are rolled with the Power Roller XL. Loading hose off any unit is accomplished with two or three firefighters. The Efficiency Package includes the Power Roller, two battery packs/chargers, two coupling jaw sets and also saves a department over $700. It also cuts scene time in half and allows you to maximize your crew. This in turn allows a department to respond to other calls. The FASTBACK is a manual hose roller for attack line or forestry hose. The GO-Pack is a collapsing, stowable transport and loading ‘Rack with an optional LDH drainer. All components of The RollNRack System are innovative, patented and are designed for durability and ease of use. RollNRack Tools are made of aluminum & stainless steel. They are designed to be portable and fully independent of the apparatus. They will increase firefighter safety by reducing back injuries or possibilities of falls from rigs by loading hose onto stationary apparatus.

With shrinking budgets, higher workman's comp insurance, an aging work force, the current shortages in the volunteer ranks and expanding coverage, RollNRack tools make a difference. RollNRack's on-line videos and free DVD show how we can customize The RollNRack System for any department. “It’s the safest system on the market and has streamlined hose management for volunteer, career, industrial and military firefighters all over the world.” The world's best fire hose roller on the market is proudly MADE IN THE USA.

The RollNRack System is demonstrated at all trade shows attended.


We purchased our last year and just completed our annual hose testing. This device cut our hose testing time in half and made it easier for our folks to get the apparatus back in service.


Saw this product in 2013 at Fire Expo. Returned in 2014 at bought it. Truly saves a lot of time and prevents potential back strain by not having to lift heavy supply hose. Easy to use and transport.


The RollNRack Efficiency Package we purchased has been excellent! We're a small department and we use a lot of LDH. Before this purchase, exhausted firefighters had to manhandle LDH afterward. This was particularly dangerous in the winter with slick or icy conditions. Now with the RollNRack System, we can drain and roll all hose easily. We're able to put apparatus back in service sooner with fewer firefighters. Apparatus stays parked and never have to be moved. This greatly improves safety of all personnel by bringing the hose to the rigs not moving the rigs to the hose. The RollNRack equipment also eliminates having to lift rolls of LDH, avoiding potential injuries. With the 2 1/2" jaws, it has sped up annual hose testing! Thanks.


Glad we bought it. Works great, saves time and backs. Thanks! - Chief Meilahn