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Albert Roach established A.S. Roach Fire Training and Consulting in 1995. Albert is certified to ICS I-400, NFPA 1041 Level II Fire Instructor, and 1021 Level I Fire Officer. He is also a province of Alberta certified Fire Inspector/Fire Investigator. Alberts fire service career spans over 40 years as a fire fighter, fire officer, training officer, fire chief and consultant including 11 years as an instructor at the Alberta Fire Training School (Lakeland College).

In 2003 A.S. Roach Fire Services Ltd (incorporated in 2000) began working with the Forest Protection Division, Sustainable Resources Development of the Government of Alberta as the Wildland Urban Interface Coordinator for Northeastern Alberta. Albert participated in several FERIC (Forest Engineering Research Institute of Canada) proscribed burn and crown fire experiments testing sprinkler use for protection of structures from wildfire. A.S. Roach Fire Services Ltd continues to hold contracts with the Forestry Divisions of the Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbian governments.

Observation of unsafe practices during set up and complicated or inappropriate sprinkler placement resulting in property damage showed the need for a safe, quick to install elevated sprinkler mounting system providing rain-like structural protection. The result of these tests and observations combined with his knowledge of hydro dynamics from years of structural fire fighting produced the Elevated Sprinkler Mount System a truly versatile sprinkler mounting system.

A.S. Roach Fire Services Ltd.
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Stony Plain, Alberta
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